Why SeekingArrangement Changed Its Location

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If you go to SeekingArrangement's official website now, you'll find that you've been redirected to seeking.com. During the short time, it took for the site to make the changes, traffic to the site dropped significantly. Many users were confused.

As a remedy, Seeking does not change its brand name, but SeekingArrangement.com. Still, their ads appear as SeekingArrangement. To help users know that this is still SeekingArrangement and not any other site.

Why did they make such a sudden change? Have they changed their target audience?

The answer is no.

This change is a huge change with a lot of risks, so why did they do it anyway?

SeekingArrangement's iOS app was rejected by Apple, which linked sugar dating to paid sex. In addition, the U.S. President signed "Stop Enabling Sex Trafficking and Fight Online Sex Trafficking" into law. That may be the main reason they made such a change. No company wants to fight the law, and if they don't, they will face not just app takedowns and website penalties, but endless legal questions.


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